Coastal Management

This section presents the major results of the ICZM Scoping Study to inform decision making process in coastal planning.

First, Coastal Units are the result of dividing the Northern Coast into homogenous units that require a specific management strategy. This division has been done according to physical, environmental and administrative criteria. The description of each Coastal Unit is presented in a set of factsheets summarizing sectoral (ecological, physical and socioeconomic) and integrated diagnoses (Key Issues for coastal management and SWOT analysis).

Finally, this section presents the Key Issues related to coastal risks, that is, the negative consequences that physical impacts may cause on i) economic activities or infrastructures and ii) coastal ecosystems. Key Issues have been estimated for the present and long-term (2050-2070, under RCP 8.5) situations. Key Issues are classified into two levels: very important (red) and important (yellow) Key Issues.